Specialized in Lucas Fuel Injection Systems

Lucas classic injection service is part of The Classic Way owned bij Sander van der Voort.
Located in the middle of The Netherlands
The Classic way is specialized in the repair and recondition of the Lucas MK II mechanical injection systems, as fitted to the Triumph TR-5 PI, Triumph TR-6 PI And 2500 Saloon PI. Harm Klijn has transferred his overhaul/repair work to The Classic Way.
The Classic Way Owens an original Hartridge test bench for checking and adjusting the Triumph injection system.
At Sander van der Voort’s The Classic Way, you are also welcome with your classic car for maintenance and technical support.

Lucas Fuel


General Information 

Triumph TR MK-II System

Sports cars of the “sixties such as the Maserati Mistral, Sebring and 3500 GT as well as the Triumph TR-5 PI and Triumph TR-6 PI Were equipped with this fuel injection system.
The Lucas MK-II system, used on the Triumph TR-5(1967), is almost identical to thee MK-I Maserati Metering Unit and has no problems what so ever.

Metering Units Overhauling

The reconditioning of a Metering Unit MK-II consists of a complete dismanteling. All parts are cleaned and checked for wear or damage and, if necessary, replaced with new parts. Only by following this procedure we can guarantee optimal operation. Partly reconditioning of a Metering Unit can lead to inferior results!


For all types

During a total overhaul The Metering Unit Will be dismantled and all components cleaned. All parts are also checked for wear and replaced if necessary. Only in this way performance can be guaranteed. Partial overhaul of a Metering Unit does not give optimal results and is not recommended.
Smooth operation of the vacuum controlled injection system largely dependent nn the “Vacuum Diaphragm and linkage “. If there is any vacuum leakage this results in the mal-function of the Metering Unit’s supply of petrol to the injectors, causing extreem fuel consumption.
After an complete overhaul, the Metering Unit will be tested and calibrated at our original Hartridge test bench.



At the time 2 different Metering Units and 2 different inlet manifolds were produced for the Triumph TR-series. It is possible to convert a CR type (TR6PI 1973-1975 124 HP) to a CP-type (TR-5PI,TR-6PI 1968 up to 1972 160 HP). If necessary we can provide you with all the instructions needed for such a conversion (adjusting engine and distribute). Just fitting a complete CP injection system to a CR engine is not enough.
We are proud to have succeed improving the reconditioning MK-II system for the various Triumph sports cars. Even though the components have remained unchanged, many technical improvements has been made!


Lucas MK-II systems for the Triumph 2,5 liter engine used two types of injectors for all types of the triumph TR.
Every type (screw or Push) we car repair to as new. Most of the Triumph TR original injectors are, after many years, in a bad condition.
There fore we decided to make them new, outside and inside.
All of our overhauled push and screw injector are original Lucas. Guarentee 60 months.

Inlet manifold

The perfection of a vacuum injection system much depends on the manifold. A vacuum leakage in the inlet manifold is often caused by worn throttle spindles and valves. This results in the mail function of the Metering Unit”s supply of petrol to the injectors, causing extreme fuel consumption.

Original Lucas Fuel Pumps

This is the weakest part of the whole system. We advice our costumers to replace the Lucas pump for all Triumph TR-5 and Triumph TR-6 models with a Bosch Pump (special model).
Thare is only one type of Bosch pump suitable for the Lucas system and we can supply the following parts for a optimal 110 Lbs pressure:
From the petrol tank: original C.A.V. petrol filter – Bosch pump – Pressure Relief Valve and all the pipes and fittings.


Recondition of – Injectors – Metering Unit MK-II – Pressure Controle Valve – Intake Manifold – Checking and Adjusting the Metering unit trough original Hartridge test rig as per Lucas specifications – et cetera.



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