Triumph TR 5

The classic way for Lucas injection service.
Sander van der voort is specialized  in repairing and maintaining in Lucas petrol injection. They are fitted on Triumph TR5, TR6, TR250 and the Saloon PI.

The Classic Way is in possession of a Hartridge test bench for checking and adjusting the Lucas injection. Sports car like the Maserati mistral, 3500 GT and Sebring and also the triumph Tr 250 PI and TR 6 PI are fitted with this Lucas injection system. The Triumph are fitted with the MK2 unit and is a reliable system.

The overhauling of this system consists of a compleet dismantling and checking for wear and damage, and if necessary replacing the worn parts for new. Only following this right procedure guarantees a optimal function.

During this total overhaul the metering unit will be completely dismantled and cleaned. The parts wil be checked for wear and damage. These parts will be replaced for new. Partial overhaul of the metering unit will give a disappointing result. There are two different type of metering units the CP and The CR type. Exchanging these types wil not have a good result.

The Lucas MK 2 injection system for the triumph 2,5 liter engine has two types of injectors. Both of these types can be replaced for the new injectors we can provide. The only weak point of the Lucas petrol injection is the fuel pump. We can provide a replacement for this. The metering unit car only be checked on Hartridge test bench. Only the wil Lucas injection work properly.

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